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Multilateral tenders are financed by international organizations (such as EU, World Bank and Regional Banks, United Nations, etc.). Therefore, these are competitions where the guarantee of payment is total, no matter the country where the project is developed.


Multilateral Tenders

Karine Brück International has an extensive experience in the development of multilateral tenders and has achieved many projects in several sectors.

Thanks to our team, we locate, prepare, and present the ideal proposal for your company, no matter the country and the issuing organization.

Execution and training

Customized support and training service in international and multilateral tenders: comprehensive service from the identification of an opportunity to the acceleration of the final payment once the project is achieved.

  • Joint preparation of the proposal for an “approach” strategy for the target markets, considering the characteristics of the company.

  • Identification of business opportunities in your sector and target countries, both previously determined in your company’s strategy.

  • Preparation and presentation of the offer as well as the team’s CV. Participation in the opening sessions (public tenders).

  • Search for partners, formation of consortiums and gathering of proposals from interested companies.

  • We walk with you through the presentations to the contracting authorities

  • We advise you throughout the entire implementation phase of the project.

  • We escort you in the inspections carried out by the financing organisms prior to the acceptance of the project.

  • Homologation before the bidding organization.

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